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MAY 8 - MAY 12

The Dreyfoos PTSO will be hosting an appreciation luncheon for teachers and staff on Thursday, May 11th, as well as showering the staff with other gifts throughout the week!  Dreyfoos has a staff of over 145 amazing individuals that we wish to celebrate.  Help us show appreciation by making a donation!

Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated and can be made in the following ways:


  • Online via the form below

  • Checks made payable to DSOA PTSO with “TAL” written in the memo 

  • Gift certificates (preferably in denominations of $10 - $25) to stores or restaurants. We are hoping to have enough so that each teacher, admin, and staff member will receive a gift card.

    • Donations can be dropped off in the RED BOX in Student Services.

If you have any questions about Dreyfoos Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, please contact Lisa Sanford at and Ifat Aloni at

Thank you so much for all YOU do to bring the MAGIC to our Dreyfoos Community!

Please note, some users have reported a slight problem submitting our donation form. If you have any trouble, please send a note to or drop a check made payable to DSOA PTSO off at Student Services.


Help us show how much we appreciate our Dreyfoos Teachers & Staff!


Thank you for your donation!

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